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Nirvana Massage Values

Jackie’s journey towards Massage Therapy began when she was 27. Her position at that time was in customer service, and due to downsizing, she was laid off. As Jackie considered her options, she realized she needed a job, but was more interested in a career. Her love for people and a strong desire to help them led her to the idea of becoming a nurse. But then there were needles! Physical Therapy was suggested to her as an alternate choice. Jackie saw this as a way to fill her desire to help people get stronger and to learn to walk again. She has been a Physical Therapy Assistant since 1994; this cultivated her desire to provide healing to others, so she pursued additional education in the field of Massage Therapy. She graduated from the Body Therapy Center School of Massage in 2001.

New Baden, IL - Nirvana Massage

The comfort of each client is extremely important to Jackie. She asks about their needs, preferences, and dislikes. She uses this information so that each massage is specific to the client that day, and to the environment of the room; temperature, lighting, music, and type of creams or lotions used during the massage. Jackie believes in natural therapy and healing whenever possible and will use essential oils when needed or requested.

Jackie believes her goal of providing excellent care for her clients begins by listening to them. This allows her to work more exactly with them to achieve positive results. Areas she often works on with her clients are core strength, posture, stretching, and relaxation. During a massage session with Jackie, clients usually receive more than just a massage; they receive tips to improve and maintain health and mobility exercise/stretching techniques, and equipment which may be helpful to relax muscles or promote good posture and core strength.

Her clients receive a massage and an education.


“What would I have done without Jackie at Nirvana Massage is my reflection every day. I suffer from chronic chemical sensitivity asthma. When exposed to environmental chemicals it causes my lungs to become congested and getting the air out is difficult due to the asthmatic reaction. Once a month I visit Jackie for a massage session on my back area which is of great help to me, however, during my visits it is the repetitive percussion that she conducts on my back has helped to loosen up the lungs and increases my air capacity. My Pulmonologist has commented that my lung function has shown improvement since I have been receiving the percussion. He said whatever you are doing it is working and that something is Jackie at Nirvana.  Thank you, Jackie, for all your care and concern.” -KL ” 

I suffer from severe sinus related to allergies both seasonal and environmental. I was experiencing congestion, drainage, and severe headaches. On a visit to Jackie at Nirvana Massage for a massage therapy session, Jackie expressed to me she was trained in Tapping of the sinus cavities. The results were amazing. I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from sinus to consider this therapy. Thank you, Jackie.” -KM